Sep 15 to 17 Akhand Path Sewa & SPECIAL Program Sep 18 to 24
Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 6:02PM

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
Sangat Ji,

Please join in Akhand Path sewa this weekend. We are thankful that our 410 Clair Rd gurdwara construction is back on.  Our prayers have been heard! As an entire sangat we take on this weekend’s sewa to thank Waheguru for removing difficulties that caused some delays.  

We thank our dedicated sewadars, we thank our Guru, we thank our Waheguru.  Let’s show we are with them.  Come join this weekend’s sewa with tan, man, dhan.

Gurdwara Programs:

Weekly Simran program
Thursday Evenings only – 5:30pm-7:30pm
 Rehraas, Waheguru Simran, Ardaas  

1.  September  15 to 17th - Akhand Path Sewa

     Aramb:  Fri Sep 15 at 9:30am

     Bhog: Sun Sep 17  9:30 – 10am

     followed by Sunday diwan

     sewa jointly by sangat. Please help in hands-on sewa.


2. *** SPECIAL Program Week Of Sept 18 -24

    Evenings:  Mon Sep 18 to  Sat Sep 23 plus

     on Sunday Diwan - Sep 24

    Visit by Bhai Gurnimit Singh Raaj Rangila

    w Bhupinder Singh Ji Rangila

   Explanations of Gurbani shabad in English   (ideal for youth to attend this event)

    5:30p Rehraas   5:45-6:15p: Kirtan - hazoori Ragi jatha

   6:15-7:15pKirtan vichaar - Gurnimit Singh Ji Rangila

   7:15-7:30 :  Anand Sahib and samapati

   Please book langar sewa for this event and help out with hands on sewa.


 3.  Saturday Sep 23 - ASA DI WAR


      by Hazoori Ragi (Parmjit Singh Noor and Bhai Gurnimit Singh Rangila)


 410 Clair Rd Construction and fundraising

We are pleased to announce that construction is back on track. We thank the dedication, the team work and hard work of our board and building committee members and many volunteers who have helped us to move forward during this impasse.  Please help us fundraise as we need to make many payments going forward with construction costs.

Satgur Ki Sewa Safal Hai Je Ko Kare Chit Laye             

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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